Postdocs in Unit 5 ratified a renewal Collective Agreement on 31 May 2017. This Collective Agreement expires on 31 December 2019. Elections for the Bargaining Committee must take place no later than March 2019. For more information contact the Unit Vice-Chair. If you need to be added to the Unit listserv, contact the Union office.

Bargaining Team Members

Bargaining team members must be elected by March 2019. Their names will be listed here once they have been elected.

Bargaining Platform

The bargaining platform lays out the priorities of the Unit 5 membership, as approved by them. Once approved in 2019, those priorities will be listed here for all members to view.

Bargaining Support Committee (BSC)

The Bargaining Support Committee (BSC) is responsible for organizing among the membership, the University, and the community in support of the Local’s aims in bargaining. Each bargaining unit has a BSC, which works with the unit’s Bargaining Team and the Local to develop and implement a plan for organizing around a round of bargaining. In the event that a strike is undertaken, the Bargaining Support Committee becomes the Strike Committee (SC). The duties of the BSC are outlined in Article 14.3 of the Local’s bylaws.

Bargaining Bulletins

Bargaining Bulletins will be posted here throughout bargaining to keep members informed.