The membership of Unit 3 has ratified the tentative agreement reached with the University on November 24, 2017. For more information contact the Unit 3 Vice-Chair. If you need to be added to the Unit 3 listserv, contact the Union office.

A copy of the Tentative Agreement Summary is available online.

Bargaining Team Members

Erich Vogt (Chair’s Designate)
Kristen Allen (Executive Representative)
Tom Laughlin (Stewards Council Representative)
Meaghan Marion (Sessional Lecturer, UTSC: Historical & Cultural Studies)
Jessica Taylor (Writing Instructor, Engineering Communication)
Peter Stoll (Sessional Lecturer, Faculty of Music)
Kristin Cavoukian (Sessional Lecturer, UTM: Political Science)

Staff Assigned: Tiffany Balducci, Staff Representative and David Simao, Office Coordinator

Bargaining Bulletins

Bargaining Bulletin 1 – Platform highlights, Campaign Information and Events
Bargaining Bulletin 2 – Important bargaining update
Bargaining Bulletin 3 – Important updates for U3 members
Bargaining Bulletin 4 – Recent updates from our late October meetings with the Employer

Bargaining Support Committee (BSC)

The Bargaining Support Committee (BSC) is responsible for organizing among the membership, the University, and the community in support of the Local’s aims in bargaining. Each bargaining unit has a BSC, which works with the unit‚Äôs Bargaining Team and the Local to develop and implement a plan for organizing around a round of bargaining. In the event that a strike is undertaken, the Bargaining Support Committee becomes the Strike Committee (SC). The duties of the BSC are outlined in Article 14.3 of the Local‚Äôs bylaws.

Unit 3 BSC Co-Chairs: Ted Nolan and Jamie Ashby
Staff Assigned: Kathryn McDonald, Organizer

Bargaining FAQ