Trans Fund

The Trans Fund is intended to serve as an immediate and individualized form of support for members who self-identify as transgender.

*This is a member driven fund that came out of members needs, and was specifically modeled on the 2017 CUPE 3902 Trans Caucus fund proposal. If you identify as in the group this fund intends to serve and have constructive feedback, please write to the Secretary Treasurer.*

Who is eligible to apply to the fund?

For the January 1, 2018-April 30, 2019 round of the Trans Fund, anyone who meets the following criteria is eligible to apply: (a) You have secured at least 1 hour of Unit 1 work by the time the application is made or have a guaranteed subsequent appointment. (b) You self-identify as transgender.

What is an eligible expense?

This fund is intended to serve as immediate and individualized form of support for members who self-identify as transgender. Understanding that financial costs associated with being trans affect many areas of life, the fund deliberately does not define all eligible expenses. Members are invited to submit claims for any expenses they consider eligible. Examples of eligible expenses include: (1) everyday life necessities, including binders, shapewear, and packers, (2) medical necessities not currently available under the existing Greenshield premium, such as gender-affirming surgeries and procedures, as well as H.R.T. prescriptions not listed in Greenshield’s index of covered pharmaceuticals, (3) administrative fees associated with change of name, re-issuing of passport, identity card, health card, driver’s’ license, and other official documentation.

Expenses incurred on or after January 1, 2018, but prior to the adoption of the C.A.I.C. proposal, will be eligible for reimbursement. This means the funds will run for an extended first year, from January 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019.

How much money will I get?

The Trans Fund has been allocated $80,000 per year. The fund will disburse, per member, up to an annual cap of $5,000 and a lifetime cap of $15,000. If there are monies left over after the fund has reimbursed all eligible claims, the remainder of the monies will be reallocated to the U.S.A.F. for that year.

When will I get my money?

Applications for this fund will be open year-round, on an as-needed basis. Disbursements will follow within one month of successful application.

How do I apply?

The application form is available online and accessible through the Union’s website. To find the application, login to the Member Portal (found by scrolling up to the top right of this page).

A complete application for the Trans Fund will include: (a) a membership card, (b) the 2018-19 Trans Fund Application Form (available here) , and (c) supporting documentation—this documentation should include a statement outlining the need for which funding is being requested and any other supporting documentation such as receipts/invoices.

You will receive an immediate confirmation email for each application you submit. PLEASE NOTE: if you do not receive a confirmation email you did not successfully submit the application.

If you do not have (a) a membership card (i.e., you do not have a CUPE No., found on the left-hand side of the Portal home page), fill out a Membership Application Form (found on the ‘Forms’ tab). PLEASE NOTE: processing membership applications can take up to four (4) business days.


Applications will be accepted between October 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019.


Other Resources

CUPE 3902, Unit 1 members’ protections under Collective Agreement (C.A.) for Trans members:

  • four month’s paid “Surgery, Hospitalization, and Serious Illness” leave which can be used for gender-affirming surgeries and procedures and/or mental-health purposes (p. 57)
  • “physical attributes” and “sexual orientation, identity, and expression” added to grounds protected from discrimination (p. 7)
  • right to determine your own gender identity and pronoun (p. 8)
  • bullying and harassment protection (p. 13)


CUPE 3902, Unit 1 members’ access to relevant healthcare:

  • Mental health care: counseling/MSW/social worker, incl. psychotherapy is now $2500/year under top-up plan + $500 under base plan (total: $3000)
  • Basic dental coverage max now at $1350/year
  • Glasses/contact lenses/laser eye surgery covered to $225/year
  • Family HCSA is now $600/year
  • Drug max at $15K/year
  • Health plan combined max of $15K/year