The Graduate Student Bursary Fund (G.S.B.F.) aims to increase the total net funding of all members in the funded cohort to $17,500. A more thorough F.A.Q. can be found here.


 Who is eligible to apply to the 2017-18 G.S.B.F.?

For the September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018 round of the G.S.B.F., anyone who meets the following criteria is eligible to apply: (a) You performed at least 1 hour of Unit 1 work in the 2017-18 academic year; (b) you were a graduate student in the funded cohort — defined as the group of doctoral-stream graduate students with funding guaranteed by the School of Graduate Studies (S.G.S.), see here for more details — in the 2017-18 academic year; and (c) you received less than $17,500 in total net funding in the 2017-18 academic year.

Eligible groups of students include:

  • Full-time Ph.Ds. in years 1-4;
  • Full-time Ph.Ds. in year 5 who are still part of the funded cohort;
  • Full-time S.J.Ds. in years 1-3; and
  • M.A. and M.Scs. in years 1-2 who are part of the funded cohort.

Ineligible groups of students include:

  • D.M.As.;
  • Professional masters, performance masters, or other non-research-stream masters students;
  • Full-time graduate students who are no longer in the funded cohort;
  • Post-funded students
  • Masters students who were never part of the funded cohort; and
  • Flex-time (i.e., not full-time) students.   

Please note that these members might instead be eligible for the T.A.F. or the U.S.A.F.

I have a special circumstance; how will the 2017-18 G.S.B.F. work for me?

I received a conference, research, and/or travel grant; a Bursary for Students With Disabilities; and/or a U of T (S.G.S.) emergency grant. Grants that explicitly reimburse expenses are not counted as funding for the purposes of the G.S.B.F. Recipients of these grants are more likely to have their disbursements miscalculated. Please check your disbursement amount carefully.

I performed R.A. or casual work in the Social Sciences or Humanities that was paid as T4A rather than T4 income. Members with this type of work are more likely to have their disbursements miscalculated. Please check your disbursement amount carefully.

I graduated! You are still eligible to receive a G.S.B.F. disbursement for whatever portion of the 2017-18 academic year you were enrolled.

I was not enrolled as a student for the full year (due to a leave, early graduation, late start, etc.). You are still eligible to receive a G.S.B.F. disbursement for whatever portion of the 2017-18 academic year you were enrolled. Your disbursement will be prorated. 

How much money will I get?

The 2017-18 G.S.B.F. has been allocated $350,000. The fund disburses, per member, up to $2,500, the difference between the the member’s total net funding and $17,500. 2017-18 G.S.B.F. Disbursement = $17,500 – Total Net Funding.

For the purposes of the G.S.B.F., funding includes: (a) any T4 income included in your base funding package. This may include CUPE 3902 work, CUPE 3907 work, USW 1998 work. This will exclude additional work you take on (e.g., an extra TAship, beyond the hours included in your base funding). And (b) all T4A income. This may include supervisor stipends, internal and external grants and awards (e.g., D.C.A., O.G.S., S.S.H.R.C., etc.), T4A R.A.ships (all R.A.ships in the Life and Physical Sciences and Engineering departments and some R.A.ships in other departments), O.S.A.P. and other financial aid grants, and any other funding provided by your supervisor, your department, the university, the Canadian or other government, or other funding bodies. This will exclude travel/conference/research grants, O.S.A.P. loans or other financial aid loans, B.S.W.Ds., or U.ofT. S.G.S. emergency grants.

When will I get my money?

Applications for this fund will be open between October 29 and November 23, 2018. Disbursements will follow in the Spring semester, at the latest.

How do I apply?

We will send eligible members personalized disbursement emails on October 29, 2018 (subject line: “2017-18 G.S.B.F. Disbursement”). These emails will contain a disbursement amount (the difference between your total net funding and $17,500) and a link to a 2017-18 G.S.B.F Confirmation Form to fill out to receive this disbursement.

These disbursement amounts are calculated according to third-hand data that the Union receives from the Employer, and the Employer, in turn, receives from individual departments. As such, our data and disbursement amounts can be incorrect.

If your disbursement amount is incorrect, fill out the 2017-18 G.S.B.F Confirmation Form to receive the disbursement, and then apply via the 2017-18 G.S.B.F Correction Form linked in your email to correct the amount. If your application is successful, we will send you another cheque for the difference between what you already received and the correct amount you are owed.

If you do not receive this email, but believe you are eligible, apply via the 2017-18 G.S.B.F. Missing Email Form to be considered for the 2017-18 G.S.B.F.

You will receive an immediate confirmation email for each application you submit. PLEASE NOTE: if you do not receive a confirmation email you did not successfully submit the application.


Forms will be accepted between October 29 and November 23, 2018.  Forms will not be accepted after this date for any reason.