The Bargaining Team has reached a Tentative Agreement with the Employer, which has now been ratified by the Unit 1 membership. The new Collective Agreement will expire on December 31, 2020.

The new Collective Agreement is currently undergoing editing by the Union and Employer. However, a copy of the Memorandum of Settlement is available to members.

Bargaining Team Members

Pamela Arancibia (Chair)
Jeremy Rothschild (Physics, Div 3)
Emily Clare (Linguistics, Div 1)
Adam Zendel (Geography, Div 2)
Alex Ivovic (Physiology, Div 4)
Amy Conwell (Stewards’ Council Representative)
Daniel Brielmaier (Executive Commitee Representative)

Staff Assigned: Rebecca Strung, Staff Representative and David Simao, Office Coordinator

Bargaining Bulletins

Bargaining Bulletin 1 – Unit 1 Platform endorsed unanimously by members
Bargaining Bulletin 2 – Updates from the Unit’s September and October meetings with the Employer
Bargaining Bulletin 3
Bargaining Bulletin 4 – includes December bargaining dates
Bargaining Bulletin 5 – January 2018 updates
Bargaining Bulletin 6 – Updates from late January bargaining dates

Bargaining Support Committee (BSC)

The Bargaining Support Committee (BSC) is responsible for organizing among the membership, the University, and the community in support of the Local’s aims in bargaining. Each bargaining unit has a BSC, which works with the unit’s Bargaining Team and the Local to develop and implement a plan for organizing around a round of bargaining. In the event that a strike is undertaken, the Bargaining Support Committee becomes the Strike Committee (SC). The duties of the BSC are outlined in Article 14.3 of the Local’s bylaws.

Unit 1 BSC Chair: Megan Harris
Staff Assigned: Kathryn McDonald

Bargaining FAQ/Documents

Bargaining Process & Platform - Documents

Talking to Your Students about Bargaining - Documents

What if there's a strike?