Union committees include all standing (permanent) committees of the Local, committees mandated by legislation and committees that have yearly, but not ongoing responsibilities.

Grievance Committee

Comprised of the Grievance Officer, the Chair of the Local and divisional stewards representing the five bargaining units, the Grievance Committee is one of three standing committees of Stewards’ Council. The committee members are responsible for advising and assisting the Executive Committee and staff in matters involving grievances and grievance policy. The Grievance Committee oversees departmental audits, coordinates the processing of grievances and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding arbitrating grievances.

Policy Committee

Chaired by the Chief Steward, the members of the Policy Committee are the Chair (or Chair’s designate), one Unit Vice-Chair and three (3) Stewards elected by Stewards’ Council representing at least two of the four units. Meetings are open to all members in good standing, but only the members of the committee vote on motions before it. Policy Committee is a standing committee of Stewards’ Council, responsible for reviewing and formulating the procedural policies that guide decision making in the Local.

Mobilization Committee

MobComm is the third of Stewards’ Council’s standing committees. It is comprised of stewards, executive officers and you! All the meetings are open to members interested in mobilizing. Look for information in the CUPE 3902 Digest (a weekly email) for notice on when the meetings are held. Contact mirandaleal@cupe3902.org for more information.

Joint Health & Safety Committees

The Union’s work has helped to create comprehensive health and safety training for all graduate students in Sciences and Engineering, and has helped to include students under UofT’s health and safety policy (though they are excluded by the legislation). The Union has representatives on UofT’s many Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC). Calls for the Health and Safety Committee go out occasionally; please contact hso@cupe3902.org to become a Health and Safety Representative.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets each winter term to assist the Secretary Treasurer with the preparation of the annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year. A call goes out in the Digest in January or February; contact st@cupe3902.org if interested.