I am one of the candidates running for Vice Chair of Unit 5. I have been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto since January 2019 and have been serving as a Unit 5 Departmental Steward in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology for the past year. I have recently taken up a role as a Unit 5 Mobilization Steward with the aim of increasing participation of Unit 5 members in our local. During my time at U of T I have become familiar with the struggles faced by my fellow precariously employed contract workers, and I am committed to working towards increasing their security, compensation, and power in the workplace. We deserve better! 

I have been actively involved in the wider labour movement and aim to work together with other unions particularly on campus here at U of T to better serve all workers. Earlier this year I was one of the delegates representing CUPE 3902 at the 2021 Canadian Labour Congress and outside our local I am an activist participating in the Worker’s Action Movement. If elected, I will bring this activist energy back home to our local, I will not support concessions bargaining and I will work towards gains that increase the power of workers at U of T. 

With the Unit 5 collective agreement expiring at the end of 2022, it is critical for us to work collectively now, showing unity among Postdocs will help us work towards a better collective agreement. If elected as Vice Chair of Unit 5, I will be focusing on organizing Unit 5 members, recruiting stewards, and working on engaging the membership to establish what we need and what we want from a new agreement. If we are coordinated and act together, we will increase our capacity to demand change at the bargaining table! If you agree with this then I am asking for your support! 

In solidarity, 

Fraser Ferens