Action committeees are dedicated to a specific political or social-justice movement

Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) Committee

The Boycott Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) PAC was struck in October 2015 with a mandate to implement the will of the Local’s membership as expressed in the BDS resolution passed at the April 2015 Annual General Meeting. The PAC works to educate and mobilize the Local and our broader community around the occupation of Palestinian territories and the international call for BDS. Our work includes supporting the UTGSU’s divestment campaign from companies complicit in the occupation of Palestinian territories; supporting the Palestine trade-union movement’s call for a military embargo on Israel and dissociating from Israeli trade unions complicit in the occupation; engaging in outreach and education about the siege and destruction of Gaza; asking members to boycott Israeli commercial products and companies that actively support the violation of human rights; and recommending that the University and members of our Local withdraw their participation from partnerships with Israeli universities that actively support the violations of Palestinian human rights. The BDS PAC can be contacted at

Flying Squad

The Flying Squad was formed as a way for CUPE 3902 members to engage in direct action in support of striking/locked-out workers and labour/civil-society groups fighting for broader social, political and economic change. To get involved, go to our facebook page:

International Solidarity Committee

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Mental Health Action Committee

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