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The Local is currently undergoing executive officer elections for a number of positions. Please see below for a message sent by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) to all members. More information regarding the election, including candidate statements, can be found on our dedicated election hub page.

Hello members,

Thank you for sending in nominations and making them ‘on the floor’ at the AGM.

The nomination and election of officers ensure the continued leadership and stewardship of the union, especially during these difficult times. Nominations are now closed (with a couple exceptions).

Congratulations to the following officers, acclaimed without opposition:

Vice-Chair, Unit 1  Kyle Shaw-Muller

Vice-Chair, Unit 3  Kristin Cavoukian

Vice-Chair, Unit 5  Chris Landon

Secretary-Treasurer  Mahdi Zamani

Internal Liaison Officer  Farhana Islam


Kudos to the following nominees who will be going to election:


Kate Brennan

Amy Conwell 


Communications and Recording Secretary

Tim Gadanidis

Hamish Russell


External Liaison Officer

Glenna Kramer

Sujata Thapa


Grievance Officer

Jamie Ashby

Emil Marmol


Trustee [3-year appointment]

Ben Hjorth

Sophie McGibbon-Gardner


Please note the following open positions:

Equity Officer

Vice-Chair, Colleges (pending review of eligibility)

[Nominations for these open positions can be made at the next GMM.]


For more information about the candidates, please see the Elections Hub

Happy campaigning!


Another round of thanks for all those who registered to vote.Registration is now closed (except for those with pending membership applications or address changes). Ballot kits will be mailed out by the end of this week and expected to arrive the following week.


The election timeline is as follows:

Monday, 20 April: deadline to register to vote (ending at midnight) and to be nominated for an elected position (ending at the AGM)

Thursday, 23 April: ballot kits mailed to members

Monday, 4 May: deadline to request a replacement ballot kit

Monday, 11 May: Election Day

Thursday, 14 May: Vote count

For questions about the elections, please see the Elections 2020 FAQ available on the election hub page.

In sol,

Giorelle [jaw-rehl] Diokno
Chief Returning Officer
Unit 1 Departmental Steward – Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies