The Unfunded Student Assistance Fund (USAF) provides funds to members who are students in the following programs and funding situations:

-all DMA students (note: a portion of this fund is earmarked solely for DMAs)
-Undergraduate students who paid more in tuition and fees than received in funding
-Masters students who paid more in tuition and fees than received in funding, except those who are currently in the second year of a masters program that provided tuition plus $15,000+ funding in its first year
-Ph.D. students who are enrolled on a flex-time basis
-Ph.D. students in years 7+ who are enrolled full-time


You also must have performed at least 30 hours of Unit 1 work between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018.


For full-time Ph.D. students in years 7+, the disbursement is only based on the number of applicants. For everyone else, the disbursement is based on the amount of tuition paid and the amount of funding received.

Funding includes: all supervisor stipends, internal and external grants and awards (DCA, SSHRC, NSERC, OGS, CIHR, etc.), any graduate student RAships in Div 3 or 4 (the Life and Physical Sciences and Engineering departments), and any other funding provided by your supervisor, your department, the university, the Canadian or other government, or other funding bodies. Funding does not include: any wages (Unit 1 wages or any other wages), any grants that explicitly reimburse travel or research expenses, or any loans.

Instructions for how to apply will be posted on the Unit 1 Benefits page when the fund opens in the spring.