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Collective Agreement

Unit 2 Welcome Letter

Coming soon!

Member Manual

Coming soon!

Advancement Guide

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Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours (DDAH) Form

A filled-out version of this form should be provided to you by your hiring Department before your appointment begins. Signing this form does not mean you agree with everything in it, merely that you’ve seen it. You can always dispute the way hours are allocated once you start work.

Guide to the Grievance Process

A pamphlet demystifying the grievance process for teaching assistants and sessional lecturers at the UofT. If you are experiencing work-related problems please read this pamphlet and contact us. Click HERE for more info.

Employment Insurance Guide

A pamphlet to provide information on Employment Insurance (eligibility, how it works, etc.). NOTE: 2016-2017 guide coming soon!

Guide on Workplace Harassment

This guide outlines what is harassment, and how the Local can help you.

Workload Review

Members who have reason to believe that they may be unable to perform the duties specified in the job description within the hours outlined in the DDAH should fill out this form and submit it to their department.

HCSA Enrollment Form

Use this form to enroll, and gain access to, your Health Care Spending Account (HCSA).

HCSA Claim Form

Use this form to make claims on your Health Care Spending Account (HCSA).