The Local employees seven staff to provide the membership with a number of services and to assist the Executive Committee and other elected representatives carry out their duties.

Staff Representatives

Staff Representatives serve as resource persons and advisors to the membership, stewards and Executive Committee. They are labour-relations professionals who help members with work-related problems, handle most of the Local’s grievance load, serve as co-chief negotiators during bargaining and help plan and facilitate training initiatives for members.

Staff Organizer

The Staff Organizer is responsible for assisting members with mobilisation, outreach and organising initiatives. This includes assisting the Executive Committee and the membership more broadly with researching, planning and implementing: general member mobilisation and educational campaigns; bargaining-support initiatives and strike preparation; and organising new bargaining units.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Local and supervising its unionised staff. Addition duties include coordinating training initiatives for members and staff, liaising with other labour organisations and helping the Executive Committee plan and implement the Local’s short and long-term objectives, as mandated by the membership. The Executive Director reports to the Chair of the Local and the Executive Committee.

Office Administrators

The Office Administrators provide administrative assistance to the Executive Committee, other committees, councils and caucuses of the Employer and to Staff Representatives and Staff Organizers. They also provided general assistance to the membership who contact the Local by email, phone or personal visits to the office.

  • Office Administrator – Finance

    Ann Cope

    Office Administrator – Finance

    The Office Administrator–Finance oversees the Local’s books. Responsibilities include: maintaining ledgers recording all financial transactions; providing the Secretary Treasurer with regular financial statements; liaising with the auditors and Trustees; preparing of all cheques for consideration by signing authorities; and the administration of the various Financial Assistance Funds entrusted to the Local.

    (416) 593-7057 ext. 0177

  • Office Coordinator

    David Simao

    Office Coordinator

    The Office Coordinator’s role is to keep the office running and provide non-financial administrative support to the Executive and membership. Duties include: liaising with insurers and the University administration around issues that arise with members’ benefits; event organization; maintaining the Local’s files, correspondence and electronic records; taking and maintaining minutes for the Local’s bargaining teams and Grievance Committee; and developing and maintaining CUPE 3902’s website and other electronic social media communication tools.

    (416) 593-7057 ext. 0176