Today, we remember. We remember the violent loss of 14 women at the hands of misogyny and patriarchy on December 6, 1989 at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec. We remember they were lost over 25 years ago today for no other reason than they were women. As a union, we commit to fighting against the pervasive misogyny found within our communities, we commit to real action, to being a voice for those who feel silenced.

We encourage all members of CUPE 3902 and the U of T community to speak up against gendered violence, no matter its form, and to join others in fighting against this. Together, we can make changes for the better, together we can make sure our communities are a safe place for all.

Let us never forget the names of those lost on December 6, 1989:

🌹Geneviève Bergeron was 21 years old
🌹Hélène Colgan was 23 years old
🌹Nathalie Croteau was 23 years old
🌹Barbara Daigneault was 22 years old
🌹Anne‐Marie Edward was 21 years old
🌹Maud Haviernick was 29 years old
🌹Barbara Maria Klucznik was 31 years old
🌹Maryse Leclair was 23 years old
🌹Annie St‐Arneault was 23 years old
🌹Michèle Richard was 21 years old
🌹Maryse Laganière, CUPE member, 25 years old
🌹Anne‐Marie Lemay was 22 years old
🌹Annie Turcotte was 21 years old
🌹Sonia Pelletier was 23 years old