CUPE 3902 has a simple request of you: we invite you, and every CUPE member, to support our Union by contributing at least one hour of Union service before the end of the 2016-17 academic year.
And the Union has decided that this year, for your first hour of Union service, you’ll receive a small “thank you” honorarium. This will come in the form of a gift card you can use at a locally owned shop near campus or at a unionized grocery store in your neighborhood. (Members in positions that already provide honoraria are not eligible for this “first hour” honorarium.)
We know that thousands of our members support the Union and want to pitch in when the Union needs help. We also know that most people don’t have the time or the ability to get involved in the way that Union stewards, Executive officers and other activists are. And that’s fine! We don’t expect every Union member to set aside their work and other obligations in order to take up a Union position.
But every year there are hundreds of hours of simple and fun work that help keep the Union running, and we believe every member can gain by contributing, just as we can all gain by coming together to make the Union the best it can be.
Come stuff envelopes for an hour, knock doors for an afternoon or help set up a caucus event. Pick up pakoras for a rally, sign members in to a meeting or help put together orientation kits. And the first time you do, enjoy a $40 gift card on the Union.
We will be making an effort this year to advertise Union-service opportunities with notice that members who volunteer can receive their “first hour” gift card. So keep an eye on the CUPE Digest and other Union communications. “First hour” opportunities will always be clearly marked.
We hope to get the chance to work alongside you soon.
In Solidarity!